HGH Side Effects – Know All Side Effects of Growth Hormone

(Last Updated On: December 15, 2015)

The very first thing that first time users want to know about HGH is whether there can be side effects of making use of HGH supplements or not. Well, the straightforward answer is “yes” there are HGH side effects  but there is need of more information than this. You also need to understand how HGH supplements are harmful and what all impacts can be there from the use of these products. To give you a clear perspective of what all side effects can be faced from HGH and how to manage them, we have some information. It will help you to make side effect free and safer use of these supplements.

The Side Effects of HGHHGH Side Effects

Let’s get started with the side effects of human growth hormone supplements. First of all, abusive use of HGH supplement can hyper-activate your pituitary gland which can produce more growth hormones than needed. This leads to overgrowth of the internal organs and bones leading to a number of problems.

Deformity of bones is one of the major problems of these supplements which can lead to further health conditions like flawed jaw line. Joint pains are also commonly noticed. If you are already suffering from any kind of joint pain then HGH can result into aggravation of the problem. On the natural body cycles like blood circulation and cholesterol levels as well there can be there side effects of making use of HGH supplements. Usually synthetic HGH supplements are known to cause all these problems. As they are directly introduced into the blood stream, there can be many side effects of making use of these supplements. Some other side effects include:

  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Edema-excessive fluid retention in the body
  • Progression and growth of cancer
  • Over aging; sometimes leading to premature death
  • Excessive growth of muscles; pressurizing nerves

All these side effects can be managed with little care and precautions.

The Management formula  

Side effects of HGH as mentioned above can be managed easily with the use of safe and natural HGH supplement. Start with the selection of the right HGH supplement itself. Choice of the right kind of HGH formulation can help you prevent almost half of these side effects. HGH injections are mostly dangerous, use oral formulations as their safer alternatives. The dosage which is advised to you is important to follow strictly. If you are making use of HGH injections then keep in mind that the dosage should not be more than 2-3 IU’s per day in the beginning. You body needs time to adapt to HGH intake and there can be side effects if you take large dosage of HGH injections from the beginning itself.

Also changes in your lifestyle and diet are very important. Naturally boosting levels of HGH in your body will save you from the side effects of harmful supplements. You should keep the shared information in mind to avoid Side Effects of Human Growth Hormone and health problems.