All About HGH- Understanding HGH From Its Core

(Last Updated On: June 17, 2014)

Human Growth Hormone or HGH products as they are called are the health supplements that almost everyone is aware of. With the use of these supplements you can boost your body growth and development, have younger skin, benefit your sexual health and boost all body cycles. We all know about the benefits and even side effects of these supplements however very few of us are aware of how HGH supplements came into existence and how they work on our body. Here in this discussion we are going to detail all the insight about HGH supplements for you. This will help you to better understand such supplements and you will be able to make their use with more reliability.

Chemical and Biological Detailsendocrinegrowthregulation

Natural growth hormone is produced inside the body by the pituitary gland which is present on the anterior side of the brain. This gland is responsible for the overall body growth and development. Chemically, growth hormone is a peptide hormone which is stimulant for the growth, regeneration and reproduction of cells in humans and animals. It is also known as somatropin or somatotropin, a single-chain polypeptide and is chemically the 191-amino acid which is secreted and synthesized by somatotropic cells of the pituitary gland.

In the body these hormones also stimulate production of IGF-1 which is also an important body growth hormone.

History of Development

Drug development history of HGH is first attributed to Choh Hao Li. Commercially it was Genentech which was able to bring in the recombinant HGH for use in therapies around 1981.

Before the production of HGH by the recombinant DNA technology, it was extracted from the cadavers’ pituitary glands. There was severe shortage of HGH during that time and it was very expensive to bring in use these hormones for treatment of problems like idiopathic short stature. Many medical studies were carried out for the synthetic production of HGH in those years but they all failed. Then in 1985 the shortcomings of cadaver derived HGH came to be known as patients who were treated 10-15 years ago with them were diagnosed with Creutzfeldt-Jacob disease. It was ruled out that the infectious prions caused the transmission of the disease in patients and cadaver derived HGH was entirely banned in markets.

The Breakthrough

Recombinant DNA technology enabled the production of biosynthetic HGH which completely replaced cadaver derived HGH from the markets in 1985. At present, there are many quality manufacturers of HGH supplements which offer their products at affordable rates. Now all kinds of HGH formulations are available for use. HGH injections, oral pills, sprays, creams and shots are offered in the markets.

The Applications

Not only as a growth supplement but use of HGH is much more versatile. In treatment of growth related disorders in children and adults, these supplements are used as prescription drugs.

HGH was also attributed for its anabolic benefits and that is why it was started being used in sports. It led to enhancement of performance in sportsmen and athletes. It was considered unethical by experts, therefore bodies like IOC and NCAA banned the use of HGH by athletes and sportsmen. Urine tests were recommended to make sure that the use of HGH is not there.

There are many more uses of HGH products in the present scenario. However, these supplements are considered to be very complex as far as functioning is concerned and they are still under research.