How Much HGH Should You Take Per day?

(Last Updated On: January 25, 2018)

Human growth hormone or HGH as it is commonly known is an excellent muscle building and performance enhancing supplement. For the use of the HGH in a fruitful and beneficial manner, you need to be aware of how this hormone works and what dosage will be most effective for you. In the recent years there has been a lot of development in improving the formulation of HGH and make it much more useful for the masses.

Now HGH is no more just for body builders and patients suffering from chronic GH deficiency but it can be used by most people to deal with common health problems like aging, poor body mass and weaker bones.How much HGH should you take per day?

Science of HGH

When growth hormone is naturally produced then why do we need to take supplements? Simply because after puberty the production of natural HGH starts to decline which ceases the growth of new muscle cells at a point. The number of muscle cells every individual has is fixed and it also depends on the genetic disposition of each individual.

That being said, with the help of steroids combined with weight training muscle cells can grow the muscles. However with HGH it is different as they can grow new muscle cells allowing anyone to attain the desired muscle density.  This is sound like a simple effect but with HGH you can deal with most of your aging troubles as well as reduce the recovery time during injuries.

For the maximum benefit it is important that you make sure you are taking the right dosage of growth hormone supplements. Read on to know more about the right dosage.

For Bodybuilders: The Initial HGH Dosage

For bodybuilding goals mostly the injectable HGH is used. With injections it is crucial to maintain the correct dosage. The right amount of HGH for building muscles depends on the desired results of the individuals. The dosage of growth hormone is measured in milligrams or international units (IU).

In the initial stages intake of 3 IU of HGH is safe and is found to have minimal side effects. With this dosage you will notice improved body weight, better skin, improved sleep and more energy. But you need to increase the dosage to 4-8 IU if you are planning to increase the lean muscle mass and overall body composition. On average most people are able to develop the desired muscle mass maintaining a dosage of 5 IU. However, it is important to note that when you are taking a dosage higher than 4 IU, split it into two injections for maximum benefits. If you are planning extensive muscle gains, then using HGH in combination with testosterone or insulin will get maximum results.

The general rule you must follow is to start with minimal dosage and gradually increase the dosage to higher amounts.  This will help you to drastically reduce the risk of developing joint pains, swelling and bloating and retention of water in the fingers and face. Also, most people can usually tolerate the dosage of 2 IU easily it is best HGH dosage for beginners to get started with.

Also, if you witness any side effects that are unbearable then you should minimize the dosage. If the symptoms continue then you should discontinue the HGH use for a few weeks. Once the side effects subside you can again begin with the dosage.

Anti-Aging Effects: The Optimum HGH Dosage

Second most popular use of HGH is for anti-aging benefits. Mostly women are driven to use the HGH for slowing down the signs of aging. For diminishing the signs of aging the recommended dosage is 2 IU for both men and women. You can take the dosage at any hour of the day, but for maximum benefits you should take injections in the morning on empty stomach or a few hours before going to bed. Do not take HGH just before going to bed as it will interfere with the natural production of endogenous hormone that takes place when body rests.

Anti-aging benefits of HGH can be taken using oral pills as well. It may take more time to see desired results but you will be saved from side effects like joint pains and water retention in the body.

Recovery from Injuries: The Right Dosage

Another important use of HGH is for recovering from injuries. Even doctors use HGH to decrease the recovery time after surgery in patients. For recovery, 8-16 IU of HGH is advised but it should always be taken under supervision. The high dosage of HGH can speed up recovery but it can also lead to severe side effects if not taken according to a doctor’s guidance.

Speedy recovery is possible with the severe side effects, you just have to be more careful.

Are HGH Supplements A Better Alternative?

It is no doubt that HGH can improve the quality of life. But bitter fact is that HGH injections are insanely expensive and pose a number of health risks.

For the most economic and risk free benefits you can use HGH supplements. Also, to use HGH injections you need prescription but oral HGH supplements like GenF20 Plus and Sytropin are dietary products that can be taken without a prescription.

The oral HGH supplements are formulated keeping in mind the long term benefits and anyone can use them. If you are looking for alternative for HGH injections, oral pills are the best.