Learn About the Best HGH Anti Aging Supplements & its Dosage

(Last Updated On: October 23, 2017)

Women can benefit from HGH anti aging therapy needs. Hormone therapy is an effective and safe way to slow down the aging process, know more.

Women often witness more severe aging troubles than men. Feeling old is like a nightmare but unfortunately it cannot be avoided. As women age they tend to gain weight, skin gets dry and shaggy and there energy levels drop. Aging slows down all the biological process in body rendering hormones inert. Also metabolism takes a hit and you are no longer able to absorb the nutrients that make you young and vibrant.

Part of the problem is to make some significant changes in your lifestyle and diet but the most important steps towards anti-aging is hormone therapy. With these therapies, your body rejuvenates itself at the very cellular level optimizing your bodily functions and thereby increasing benefits like weight loss, energy levels, and minimizing risks of aging related disorders, muscle gain and improving overall quality of life.

HGH Anti Aging Therapy

One of the most popular anti-aging therapies that are growing in popularity is the HGH therapy. Most who undergo this therapy experience restored vitality and intensity in life and are able to reclaim their youth.

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HGH Anti Aging Therapy

HGH or Human Growth Hormone is a naturally occurring hormone in our body that is the foundation of a solid, strong and healthy growing body. Produced by a pea-sized gland called the pituitary gland, growth hormone regulated the growth and development of the body and optimizes it to perform at its best. With right among of HGH in our system, body is able to build a strong immunity, lose fat, produce lean muscle mass, support joint and connective tissues and increase body energy.

Aging and HGH

You might be wondering how exactly is, HGH connected with aging. Interestingly as we age there is a drastic decline in production of growth hormone which is at peak during adolescence years. As women need more growth hormone than men, they experience sudden changes in their body composition, heath and appearance. Here is statistical finding on how HGH declines with age.

Decline in HGH in women due to aging causes muscle mass loss that affects their body tone, bone density loss resulting in conditions like osteoporosis, saggy skin, low libido, mood swings and many more. HGH therapy is developed to reverse the cycle of decline growth hormone in body and provide it with enough fuel that drives your youth and vitality.

How HGH Therapy for Anti-Aging Works?

HGH therapy can be applied in two ways. The one most suitable for you can only be decided by a doctor familiar with your health condition and requirements.

HGH Injections

One way of applying hormone therapy for anti aging benefits is to use HGH injections. Injecting with hormone directly in blood stream does have deploys anti aging benefits of growth hormone back into action. Using injections for therapy is efficient but there associated risks. Women might be tempted to take HGH injections for anti aging therapy but they also need to consider the side effects that are not advertised. Some of the possible side effects that can result from HGH injections are:

  • Can suppress natural HGH production
  • Risk of medical conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome
  • High risk of overdose
  • Growth of facial hair and deepening of voice in women
  • Over enlargement of bones and tissues resulting in deformity
  • High risk of heart diseases and diabetes

Also use of HGH injections for anti aging is only prescribed in few cases and it is not legal to use these injections without prescription. All these risks involved in using injections far outweigh the benefits and it is better to avoid them.

Fortunately there is another way to reap all the benefits of hormone therapy using other form of HGH avoiding any risks.

HGH Oral Supplements

Also known as HGH releasers, these supplements are made from strong amino acids that have this unique ability to stimulate pituitary gland and increase natural production of growth hormones. Available both as oral pills and sprays these supplements can be easily administered without any side effects.

These supplements work by naturally supporting the pituitary gland to produce growth hormone. It is much safer than injecting body with synthetic growth hormone directly. Some of the major benefits of using oral HGH supplements for therapy are:

  • Naturally boosts HGH production
  • Restores normal pituitary gland function
  • No risk of overdose
  • Have effects even after therapy and continues to stimulate HGH production
  • Legally available for therapy
  • A lot cheaper than HGH injections
  • Results in only mild side effects compared to injections

No doubt oral HGH supplements for anti aging therapy are a lot more convenient, effective and safer. Now that you understand the two ways of HGH therapy, let’s discuss what anti aging benefits you will have with oral HGH therapy.

Which is the Best HGH Supplement for Anti Aging?

There are 1000’s of HGH supplements available these days but how to know which one is best for anti aging as almost all claims to be #1 HGH Supplement for anti aging. We have received 100’s of feedback from the users of HGH Products & we have conducted many studies on various aspects of HGH. According to that we have found GenF20 Plus as most suitable HGH supplement for anti-aging. Its unique ingredients for anti-aging makes it different from other growth hormone supplements. You can read more on GenF20 Plus in our detailed Review of GenF20 Plus. It comes in combination of pills & spray which you can purchase from Official Website of manufacturer. We suggest using official website as there are many duplicate website of GenF20 Plus where authenticity of the product is not guaranteed. On the package you will get all the info of its proper dosage & more for best results.

Medical Proof

In a study published in the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health reports that- “6 months of treatment of subjects over 65 years of age who have low levels of plasma IGF-1 with rhGH reduced adiposity, increased muscle mass, increased bone mineral density in some of the examined sites of the skeleton and improved general well-being. These results elicited enormous general interest by raising the possibility of using hormonal replacement therapy to slow down, halt or perhaps even reverse aging, or at least some of its symptoms.”

Anti-Aging Benefits of HGH Therapy

Growth hormone works on every cell, muscle, organ and tissue in our body. It enhances and optimizes our body function to energize biological processes that positively drives the anti aging mechanism. On proper anti-aging therapy, some of the major benefits you will witness are:

  • Enhanced metabolic stimulation that burns your fat tissue
  • Improved oxygen and blood flow in tissues, making skin tight and glowing
  • Increased energy levels from fat synthesization
  • Preserving existing muscle mass and avoiding loss
  • Increased bone density
  • Lowered risks of diseases like diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease and liver dysfunction
  • Efficient repair of stressed muscle tissue, joints and bones
  • Enhanced health of skin, hair and nails
  • Improved stamina and endurance
  • Improved psychological health
  • Improved sleep, focus and concentration

There are a lot more benefits and this result because growth hormones positively affect every biological cycle in our body. They effectively slow down the aging signs like poor energy levels, hair loss, wrinkly skin and disappearing muscles.

HGH therapy for Women

As a woman you will definitely benefit from HGH therapy. Women are prone to HGH deficiency after that age of 30 that makes it difficult for them to lose weight and maintain healthy looks. With HGH therapy women can improve their hormonal balance benefiting their metabolism that activate the androgen receptors making them more receptive to burn down fat and stimulate lean muscle mass production.

Also boosted growth hormones smooth the skin texture and improve elasticity. Improved blood flow and oxygen supply to the skin gives it a healthy glow. To support and maintain healthy skin structure, HGH amplifies the collagen production. This makes your skin look and feel vibrant. Also hormone balance also benefits hair health making it stronger and shinier.