HGH Abuse- What It Is And How To Deal With It?

(Last Updated On: December 15, 2015)

HGH or human growth hormone when medically important is an effective and safe treatment for adults as well as children. But when abused, HGH can prove to be a serious threat for your health. Some athletes and bodybuilders have abused HGH through injecting large quantities of hormone in a short span of time. This large quantity of HGH can actually pose health problems and severe side effects.

HGH abuse and problems associated

At high doses, it is actually possible to achieve similar level to those found in endocrine disease called acromegaly that is caused due to too much GH in the body. Such a condition can result in serious muscle weakness as well as heart disease in some cases. Testing for HGH abuse is indeed difficult. More athletes and bodybuilders are nowadays using HGH and it has actually become a part of athlete’s drug testing plan. Presently the growth in number of athletes turning towards HGH is growing at a rapid speed. People who have developmental problems are given HGH for longer span of time. In both the cases, HGH can result in uncommon reactions and effects. So whenever you use HGH or any HGH product, always use it under close supervision of a physician.hgh abuse

Symptoms for HGH abuse are generally faced with higher than the normal dosage. You should avoid HGH injections completely if you have cancer or are at risk of developing one or even have family history of the same disease. Some report published in Journal Of Clinical Psychiatry 2003 reported that the substance abuse people are more likely to be using HGH. You would be interested to know that HGH in itself is not addictive but the patients can become psychologically and emotionally dependant on HGH and that is mainly true with those who are already dealing with some sort of substance abuse.

HGH and what it can lead to in case of misuse

In other words, HGH or human growth hormone is naturally produced in the body by pituitary gland that is located at base of one’s brain. In case of children, growth hormone stimulates the growth and is crucial in body development. In case of adults, HGH can surely affect the levels of energy as well as bone and muscle health. Though there are various legitimate reasons of administering HGH, they do not include improvement in one’s athletic performance or anti aging as such.

The patients who misuse or abuse HGH run high risk of damaging their overall health. HGH also affects the production of insulin in our body. In the year 2009, Molecular and Cellular Endocrinology printed the review that started that HGH plays crucial role in the manner in which the body regulates the sugar level. The finding highlighted that taking GH will alter the sugar metabolism. In 2011, a study tested this same hypothesis on the lab animals. For a total of 10 days, the rodents were provided either inert treatment or HGH. Rats which received HGH had higher levels of insulin with no change in level of blood sugar. This indicated that HGH basically increases the resistance to insulin that is also a common diabetes symptom. So if you are at the risk of having diabetes, always consult the doctor before using HGH products.