HGH Factor Review- Read This Before You Take This HGH Releaser

(Last Updated On: December 15, 2015)

There are a number of HGH supplements available in the market which claim to boost the lean muscle mass and help lose weight. HGH Factor is one of such supplements which claim to offer these benefits but the product has not gained much approval from the customers. Let’s take a look at whether HGH Factor is a great HGH product or just a scam. If not, what are the other options available for the best HGH supplement.

HGH Factor is the growth hormone releaser that encourages the pituitary gland to produce more of HGH. The product thus uses peptides as well as amino acids to do so but the fact is that there have been no real clinical studies or research backing up such claims.

Why or why not HGH Factor?hgh-factor

Using HGH releasers like HGH Factor is a bit controversial with some people arguing that the body cannot produce any HGH after the age of 20 irrespective of whatever you eat while others say that this is possible. Till the time proper proofs and facts are obtained, it is recommended that you stay at bay from such products who are not approved by FDA or which have some side effects on your health. Though the official site of the manufacturer claims that the product is genuine and effective, not enough is known about how or in which way it actually works for sexual enhancement, muscle development and more.

Ingredients and their usefulness

Talking about the ingredients present in HGH Factor, they are basically divided into 2 main categories i.e. the HGH releaser and HGH stimulator. The compounds within HGH stimulator are L Valine, L Lysine, L Isoleucine, L Glutamine, L Arginine and L Tyrosine. All these ingredients work to actually stimulate the HGH production from pituitary gland. On the other hand, the ingredients within HGH releaser are Alpha GPC, GABA and others. These ingredients work through enhancing the level of GH within pituitary gland. However HGH Factor does not have hormones in the ingredients list. So the side effects faced from this are dependent on your system’s ability to absorb the ingredients. Obviously if you are in any way allergic to any of such ingredients then taking HGH Factor may give you allergic reactions or ill effects. Other ill effects faced from HGH stimulator ingredients are nausea, low blood pressure, diarrhoea and headache.

Alternative available

As with any safe and natural supplement, it is important to speak with the physician prior to using HGH Factor. And this is mainly crucial if you are on some sort of medications, have bad health or are undergoing HGH injection therapy. In all, HGH Factor may be a nice releaser and stimulator but it can also be seen that not much positive reviews or feedback has been there from the real customers. So it is better that you opt for some other safe, all natural and effective HGH supplement like GenF20 Plus that promises amazing results and great health benefits.

GenF20 Plus is the all natural HGH releaser that offers 67 days money back guarantee and has received best reviews so far from the customers. With no possible side effects, GenF20 Plus is a must try over HGH Factor for sure.