HGH Bodybuilding Real Life Stories

(Last Updated On: March 23, 2015)

Real life stories are always inspiring whether they are about an incident or effects of using any product. Here we are about to share some real life stories of HGH users. Natural HGH supplements are among most used bodybuilding products which provide many benefits. However, not all users are satisfied and comfortable with such supplements. They thus take some products which have side effects. It is also because there are many rumors about these supplements prevailing among the users. There is no ground for these rumors that engulf HGH supplements. Here we are going to share experiences of some users who used and were benefited from HGH supplements.

Stephanie, a 24 years old gymnast shares her experience.bodybuilding-before-after

Being a gymnast I know how important it is to have a healthy and properly developed, fit physique. I was quite skinny as a child and also there were troubles with my bones. They were weaker and this resulted in frequent fractures and other problems. However I was lucky enough to get the help from natural HGH supplements on time. During my growing years I was conductively treated with HGH supplements under my physician’s supervision. My body is now healthy and I have come over all the problems I had. I Preferred GenF20 Plus over other bodybuilding Supplement as its Good for bodybuilding as well as it help me in keeping myself energetic through out the day. 

She also acknowledges that the HGH supplements she used were not just for men as it is commonly thought. These supplements have many more applications than just body building.

According to Dr. Fred, another HGH userDr-fred-Before-and-After

HGH products are amino acid based and that is why they benefit bone growth and development. With high HGH levels, the body is able to absorb calcium easily which is very important for mineralization of bones. It helps in making bones denser and stronger. While doing gym, by bones gave me a tough time and I was not able to do more strenuous activities. But by using HGH releaser, my bones became stronger and I was able to work out more and gained great results.

Those of you who have any kind of bone problems, then HGH supplements can be the perfect solution.Product Chosen by Dr. Fred is HyperGH 14x, with the special ingredients for bodybuilding it becomes #1 HGH Product for bodybuilding, You can read the detailed review or check our post about Top 3 Bodybuilding Supplements.

Our next reviewer is Philip Stewart, he is a gym instructor and that is why we wanted to include his experience. According to Philip,Trainer-hgh-bodybuilding

First thing my students ask me as soon as they join gym is what all supplements they can use for most benefits. I usually recommend them to first start exercising and after couple of weeks I decide which all supplements will be suitable for them depending on their individual body requirements. However one thing common about all the students is that I recommend HGH products over steroids or testosterones. It’s my personal experience that no other bodybuilding supplement is as safe as natural HGH releasers available in the market. I use HyperGH 14X myself & recommend it to other’s as well whom I train cause of its safe ingredients & effective results. 

He makes it specific that we include in our review detailed benefits of HGH supplements over other products. Here we share the major difference, HGH supplements are more natural products and they easily get absorbed by the body. As with steroids and testosterones, these supplements are not addictive and do not have high side effects. We are sure that if you are thinking of making use of any body building supplement then HGH products can be your first choice. They are safe to use and suitable for both male and female users.