False And Real HGH Claims- The Difference

(Last Updated On: February 17, 2015)

HGH supplements we all know are highly effective body growth and development solution. These supplements are in use by many people and there are all kinds of benefits reported from their use. On the other side there are many users to have an entirely different story to share. According to them HGH supplements are not that beneficial and have high side effects. Well there’s enough mess over the true and false claims of the HGH supplements. This makes it really difficult for new users to decide whether to use these supplements or not. In this discussion we are going to highlight some of the major claims whether true or false of the HGH supplements.

The HGH claims

The difficulty to decide about the HGH supplements is a lot attributed to word of mouth advertising, online promotions and various schemes. All these activities have almost made HGH supplements like a legendary story where it is hard to make it out what’s reality and what’s not. However it is not that difficult to understand what the real claims of the HGH supplements are and which fake ones are. For sure you all will be wise enough to understand the difference between schemes and scams.

Let’s talk about the real claims first of the HGH supplements.

Best bodybuilding supplementsFalse And Real HGH Claims

True the HGH supplements are definitely quality body building products that you all can make use of for healthy body development. Their use with proper care and precautions provides you many benefits like the increased muscle build up, denser bones and increased energy levels. They are definitely effective on increasing the levels of natural HGH in the body which helps in growth. Their use increases protein synthesis and cell regeneration in the body as well. You can check the Top 3 HGH Supplements for Bodybuilding.

Anti aging effects

HGH supplements have anti aging effects. Their use increases cell regeneration in the body which helps in easy repair of tissues and dead cell removal from the body. This helps rejuvenation of skin which makes it younger and helps in removal of wrinkles and scars.

Improved sexual health

It is clinically proven that the use of the HGH supplements have effects on the sexual health as well. There is increased libido and enhances sex drive witnessed in users. There is also substantial effect of these supplements on development of sexual organs in the body.

The false claims of HGH

Coming to false claims of the HGH supplements there are many in the list. Some of the dominant ones are:

HGH supplements are fountain of youth

Not a point, there is no product that can be fountain of youth. These supplements do have anti aging effects but do not expect any magical change in your looks. Use of HGH supplements is not going to make you teenager again (If you are not already!).

HGH supplements can be used without prescription

Many HGH manufacturers claim that their products can be used without prescription. However never go for such products. It is illegal to make use of any HGH supplement without proper consultation. This is also necessary for the well being of your health as well.