HGH Vs. Steroids- Are They Same? Are They Different? Clear The Confusion

(Last Updated On: September 19, 2014)

HGH and steroids are those things that we have been using to gain mass around our bodies. Human Growth Hormone or HGH is produced naturally in the body till puberty in a very normal manner and after that its production starts reducing. After the age of 30 years, the production decreases fast and around the age of 60 or so, it stops completely. Steroids are also produced naturally in the body and the production takes place throughout one’s entire life.

So, it can be said that both HGH and steroids have pros and cons of their own. Steroids may be utilized to get bulky body through accumulating the fat around muscles. This way, the muscles get perfect shape and the users get well toned body. On the other hand, HGH is used to bring in the protein cells around muscles and so there is reversal of the natural growth cycle as you enjoy more strength, sexual power, bigger bones and increased energy.

Understanding HGH in detail

HGH or Human Growth Hormone is the protein based hormone that is produced by the Adenopypophysis or which is popularly called as the anterior pituitary gland. Made up of 191 amino acids, this hormone is actually synthesized naturally and released by Somatotrophs. HGH further controls a number of important functions and processes in our body and so it is called as the key hormone. HGH stimulates tissue repair and cell reproduction, directs working of hormones and enzymes, controls brain functions and governs replacement of cells. It can also be said that HGH is the hormone responsible for proper growth and development in people and especially in children and adolescents. As in case of the adults, HGH performs major functions of maintaining the weight, offering energy and vigor, boosting the energy levels and sustaining muscle mass.HGH vs Steroids

Understanding Steroids in detail

Steroid are also called as “anabolic androgenic steroids” or simply “anabolic steroids”. These steroids can be used to treat hormone deficiencies. Although the testosterone is secreted by both men as well as women, the health condition called hypogonadism affects the male population largely. This is the condition which hinders production of the testosterone. As steroids can help in increasing the muscle mass, some bodybuilders and atheletes abuse steroids for improving their performance and the manner they look. But using steroids in this way is absolutely illegal and can offer ill effects on the user’s body. For instance, men may face impotency, mood swings, smaller testes and reduced sperm count. On the other side, women may face growth of the facial hair, changes in menstrual cycle and deeper voice. Also, both the sexes may face hair loss.

HGH and steroids- the Similarities

People generally make a big error when they believe that steroids and HGH are the same or a bit similar. In actuality, the fact is that these two hormone share just two similarities. One is that they are secreted and synthesized in human body and the second is that they both are required for proper growth and development of the body. Apart from these two things, steroids and HGH are not similar to one another in any sense.

Differences between the two- HGH vs. steroids

While steroids can have various undesirable effects on the body and health of the users, HGH does not have any such side effects and there are just a few minor or mild effects that can be easily tolerated. When used as supplements or releasers, HGH can be easily absorbed by the body and does not require the harmful and painful injections like the case with steroids. This feature makes HGH more attractive as there is less risk of spreading infections through the needles. Also, the HGH supplements are a bit affordable than steroids. Unlike the steroids, HGH is not basically addictive and so there is no threat or risk of any withdrawal cravings, symptoms or problems. Besides building the muscles, HGH releasers are popularly known to be useful in slowing down the overall aging process, increasing strength and stamina.

Which is better and why?

Asking the question as to which one is better of the two is indeed a debatable point. Obviously both have their own set of pros and cons, but if we look into the extent of side effects faced, then surely HGH is better than steroids. While using steroids can actually cause the user’s body to stop secreting its natural testosterone and start producing oestrogen, causing acne, heart problems, hair loss and others, HGH can help various body parts to grow beyond the healthy levels resulting in somewhat unusual appearance. So, it is important to always go for the safe and best HGH boosters or supplements that can help to naturally encourage the production of natural growth hormone.

So, it can be derived that HGH supplements are the safer and better options than steroids for a good number of reasons. Here we share with you the top 3 HGH supplements so that you can make an informed decision about which HGH releasers to use and why.